Best Electric Tricycles for Adults

adult e trikes buying guide

Riding a tricycle reminds you of your childhood. It’s an excellent way to relax your muscles, enjoy the atmosphere, and work out for your whole body. However, the older you get the more troublesome pedaling becomes. Especially during longer trips and adventures. To tackle this problem, we’re here to help with the best electric tricycles for adults. These tricycles are battery-powered, so you can paddle when you want and don’t paddle when you’d rather rest and relax a bit.

Electric tricycles for adults come in a bunch of different styles and types. They have baskets to carry your stuff and are height adjustable too. Besides, there are speed options, reverse gear, headlights, LED screens, and more. If you can’t afford cars or motorbikes, these are the best and healthy options that are also eco-friendly. So let’s move toward knowing more about these incredibly fun and convenient modes of transportation.

Best Electric Tricycles for Adults Comparison Table

When my kids were riding their trikes, I felt like riding them too. So I researched adult trikes. I am 32 and didn’t feel like riding the manual ones as we live in hilly terrain, so I started exploring the electric ones. A couple on my friend list had them, and they felt improvement in their health while riding adult trikes. So it was time for us to explore the best electric tricycles for adults.

The choice is not easy. We took opinions about the electric trikes from many people in our circle. Everyone had their best option. We felt confused about choosing one for ours. So we decided to write a thorough review on tricycles for adults motorized. We bought the following six electric trikes; my wife and I used them for around six months; after that, we are here with this review. Let’s see how it can work out for you.

1. TopMate ES31 Foldable Electric Scooter Mini Tricycle

Suppose you want to ride the tricycle in the countryside or between lush green fields to have some fresh air; what will you do? You have two options, ride your trike from your home to the desired location or rent a trike from there. If you follow the first option, you will get exhausted before reaching the site. In contrast, you will have to spend something to rent a trike. No worries, we have a better option for you. Here is a foldable electric tricycle. Let’s explore it more.


It is the ES31 foldable mini scooter from TopMate. You can fold it in seconds and put it in your car. It only weighs 14 kilograms, so handling it will not be an issue. Don’t worry about its lightweight; it can still accommodate 100 kilograms of weight and remains stable during the ride. Now go to lush green fields or anywhere you want to ride it. You won’t get exhausted while you get there; also, you will not have to pay anything to anyone. After you come home, you can drag it to any corner of your garage and leave it folded until the next use.

This version of the electric scooter has a long rear axle that measures 15.7 inches. Not only does it make the trike looks classy, but it also improves its stability during the ride. It sounds weird, but it does so. Furthermore, there are two suspension shock absorbers in the rear wheels and one absorber in the seat. It ensures a smooth ride in whatever terrain you go riding it.

It is small but can run speedily. Also, it has three-speed adjustments. You can go 3 miles per hour in the first gear. Further, it can go 7 miles per hour in the second gear. Its top speed in the third gear can reach up to 15 miles per hour. For me, it is enough to enjoy riding and going to the nearby supermarkets.

Not only does it move forward, but it has reverse gear also. It can go up to 3 miles per hour in the reverse gear. Besides, changing the gears and adjusting the speed is also easy. You can switch the forward and backward movement with a button.

A 18650 mAh lithium power battery keeps it working. It can provide 270 Watts of power and fully charges in 3 to 4.5 hours. You can go up to 18.6 miles in a single full charge. At least, it is enough for my short countryside trike riding cravings.

My height is 5.8, and my wife is 5.4, so it is comfortable to ride for both of us. However, the recommended height by the manufacturer is below 5.9 feet. Besides, the manufacturer recommends it for people under 60 years of age. It is because driving this trike needs some balancing capability that older people may lack.

The manufacturer offers 30 days warranty in case of any quality problem. Also, there is a one-year service warranty.


  • No pain in joints while riding it.
  • It offers plenty of power for gentle slopes.
  • It offers a secure balance while riding.


  • It does not have paddles.

2. DWMEIGI ‎MG1703 3-Wheel Electric Bike for Adult

We know you wanted to paddle a trike, which you missed in the previous option. So here is the 3-wheeler electric bike by DWMEIGI. The last one was easy on the pocket, lightweight, and foldable; it is the opposite. Let’s know more about it.

This trike has 4-inches fat tires that are durable, and the frame is made of carbon steel. The tires are best to absorb any shocks and resist punctures. Also, they can tackle wear and tear very well. Furthermore, the front suspension is mechanically locked to keep the trike stable in whatever circumstances. It can go smoothly off roads, beaches, muddy trails, snowy mountains, wet stones, or anywhere else you dare to go on it.

There are two modes, electric mode and PAS mode. In the electric mode, you don’t have to paddle; the trike moves on the battery. In contrast, the trike gets power from paddling in the PAS mode. So it can travel enough distance in your daily routine if you switch between the modes or even use the electric mode alone. For me, it is a great option to go to work 30 miles away. I usually go on PAS mode and come back on the electric mode.

This electric tricycle has a high speed 750 watts brushless motor to provide enough power to this heavy-duty trike. It can go up to 80 NM torque with this powerful motor. The trike works with a seven-speed gear in electric and PAS modes. The maximum speed of this trike can go up to 20 miles per hour.

There is an 18.2 AH lithium battery to move this heavyweight trike. The battery is detachable and takes only 4 to 5 hours to fully charge with the 3 AMP charger that works at 45 volts. This battery can take the trike up to 45 miles in a single charge if you move it on the electric mode all over the journey. However, the mileage can increase if you switch between the modes. Also, switching between the modes is effortless.

I also love to go grocery on this adult tricycle with a basket. It can carry all the stuff in the basket and rear rack very well and also manages a load of up to 330 pounds collectively. On the rear rack, there is a big storage bag that can carry stuff up to 58 liters. If you go shopping and it’s raining, your stuff will remain safe. Also, it can keep your food items safe during adventurous journeys. I also went fishing at a nearby lake, and the fish was bought home safely in this bag.

Do you feel like you must have it? It will get delivered to your doorstep soon. Also, don’t worry about the installation required; it is easy with the instructions video and the tools that come with it. For your comfort, the seller also offers one year warranty for the battery, charger, and electric motor.


  • Assembling is easy.
  • A solid item.
  • It does not need recharges more often.


  • It is bulky.

3. DWMEIGI MG708 Adult Electric Tricycles

After the heavy-duty and high-budget electric trike from DWMEIGI, the other one is affordable comparatively and offers fewer features but is a good choice.

The most exciting thing about this adult trike is that it is adjustable for the rider’s height. Its seat tube and handle stem can extend upward or shrink downward to tackle the rider’s height from 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 2 inches. That makes it the ideal choice for my short sister-in-law whenever she comes over to visit her. She loves to take a round of the surroundings on this trike. Besides, it is ideal for riding for seniors also.

15 miles per hour is the maximum speed of this trike. You can control it with 7-speed gear. There is a 36 volts lithium battery to power the motor of 350 watts. This battery is enough to move this trike up to 25 miles in a single charge on E-Bike mode. However, the trike can go up to 35 miles if you switch to Assisted mode. In Assisted Mode, you have to paddle, and in E-Bike mode, there is no need to paddle.

With the battery, a fast charger gets you a fully charged battery in 4 to 5 hours. For my wife, it is an excellent choice to ride because the previous trike is bulky, so she prefers it. She goes to the supermarket on this trike to safely take everything home in its rear basket, which is vast. That’s why it is called the cargo basket. It measures 19 x 15 x 10 inches. The total weight it can bear is up to 300 pounds so think of how much stuff you can carry on it.

This trike has a larger tire size than the previous one, which measures 24 inches. The tire is not that thick also. Besides, the down tube is only 15 inches high, making it ideal for ladies and elders. Also, it is easy to operate, just turn the switch on, select between the E-Bike and PAS modes, and start.

For safety, something is exciting. There is a headlight of 200 lumens. It makes the road visible on nights and rainy days. Also, two taillights of red color let others see if you are on the road.


  • Seniors love to ride it.
  • Very sturdy.
  • The headlight is fantastic.


  • Assembling is troublesome for a single person with no experience.

4. Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle

Loved the DWMEIGI ‎MG1703? Here comes its close competitor with similar features. It costs more but is no doubt an excellent adult tricycle for sale. If you want back support in your trike, this one is undoubtedly for you. On this trike, you can go anywhere and not get tired because of its comfortable and stable design.

This trike is for people of short and long height. It stands low on the ground, so a person with 5 feet and 2 inches in height can easily sit over it. However, a person with 6 feet and 4 inches in height can also ride it because of the adjustable height feature. Besides, it is also suitable for heavyweight individuals as it can easily accommodate 350 pounds. Once a friend of mine came over; he had a height of six feet and weighed approximately 230 pounds; he rode it stably and wanted to have it upon returning home.

Like the DWMEIGI ‎MG1703, this trike also has fat tires but are 24 inches in diameter, and the front and rear basket with a cargo bin. You can carry stuff in it comfortably while you go on a picnic.

Once I rode it and my wife was on her favorite DWMEIGI MG708, we did a memorable evening picnic at the lake. However, I took most of the stuff on this trike because it can carry it easily. While we both were going towards the lake, we placed the drinks in the front basket of this trike, and it was easy to grab the bottles from the front basket during the ride. We felt like we were enjoying ourselves in a car and not trikes, but trust me, the experience was more remarkable than in a car. Also, we returned home after the sunset, but it was safe because of the integrated lights of this trike.

The frame is made with 6061 aluminum alloy to make this trike durable. Besides, to make the ride comfortable, there are suspension fork cushions, so you won’t get the shock of any bumps that come your way when you ride it off roads. The bike can go up to 22 miles per hour with incredible features. The front wheel has a hub motor of 750 watts to support such speed. The battery’s capacity is 17.5 Ah. You can go up to 55 miles with the Level One Pedal Assist.

For ongoing comfort, the manufacturer offers a one-year service warranty that covers the motor and the battery. Also, there are two years of technical support available. However, we recommend you to test riding it in your home’s garden or any such place before you ride it on the road if you don’t have any prior experience riding an electric tricycle.


  • Great quality.
  • Suitable for seniors, heavyweight, and tall.
  • It is very rider friendly.


  • No parking brakes.

5. Viribus 24″ 26″ 3 Wheel Electric Bike for Adults

Here comes the competitor of Addmotor tricycle. The prices and features are not much different but trust me, you will love this trike. It is an electric trike by MALISA; let’s explore it more.

It will be the best choice if you are looking for a full-featured tricycle. Furthermore, it is the most comfortable and safest electric tricycle out there. It has two modes, the pedal assistance mode, and the throttle mode. Switching between the modes is easy. The throttle button is where your thumb is while you hold the handle. When you press it, the throttle mode activates, and you don’t have to paddle. And when you are in the mood to paddle, switch the mode again.

There is also a cargo basket at the rear end. You can carry anything in it no matter how heavyweight the stuff is. Still, the trike will go smoothly. Compared to the Addmotor trike, it can carry up to 440 pounds. There is a 750 watts powerful lithium-ion battery to support this heavyweight. With a single charge, the trike can travel more than 40 miles in a single charge if you also use the paddle assistance mode. If you don’t use the paddle assistance mode, it can still travel more than 31 miles. Besides, this battery can support 26 miles per hour of maximum speed.

The frame of this trike is made of aluminum alloy, that’s why it can withstand such loads. The tire quality also matters while tackling such weight on every terrain. That’s why the manufacturer has used puncture-resistant fat tires. They can offer a smooth ride on beaches, golf courses, and mud and rock terrains. I once rode it over a hilly train with many items in the basket, and it went smoothly.

While you are riding, the main point is to know about your battery and speed because there is no point in doing a guessing game. There is an LCD screen on the handle of this trike to tackle this issue. You can read all the helpful information, whether the speed or battery life. So you can know in no time how much more miles you can travel without the need for a battery recharge.

The brakes of this trike work superbly. You don’t have to insert much force to stop this heavyweight trike. With minimum effort, the advanced rear and front disc brakes can let the trike stop in a moment. Also, there will be no shock traveling to your body while you apply the brakes suddenly because of the front suspension. Sitting on this trike also makes you feel relaxed because of the vast, soft saddle with a backrest. Also, the placement of paddles keeps your body relaxed.

While you invest in such an item, you are worry-free because the manufacturer offers a happiness and satisfaction guarantee. If you receive the trike with any missing parts, you can contact the seller to get it ASAP. Besides, there is a one-year warranty for the spare parts too. Also, there is a three-year warranty for the frame. Don’t worry about the battery; it also has a six months warranty.

The trike does not come pre-assembled. You will have to do it yourself. However, the process is not challenging as the instructions manual and videos are available.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Design and engineering are fantastic.
  • The brakes are very much easy to apply.


  • It takes time to assemble it if you are alone and don’t have any such experience.

6. TopMate ES32 Electric Scooter Mini Tricycle for Adult

After the four heavy and expensive trikes, let’s return to the best foldable tricycle for adults. If you loved the TopMate ES31, you would like it too because it is an improved version of the previous one.

It is TopMAte ES32 which has an enlarged wheel size of 10 inches. In the previous model, the wheel size was only 7.5 inches. There are some benefits of increasing the wheel size; that’s why the manufacturer has done it. It has increased the road passing ability of the trike. Also, the trike’s height is increased. Now the seat’s distance from the ground is increased. Because of this, the compatibility of the trike with tall height people is improved.

As the seat height increases, so is the length of the rear axle, which is now 19.68 inches. It further improves the stability of the trike while riding.

This model of the electric trike is also foldable. The weight is slightly more than the previous model, which is now 15.68 kilograms. However, the weight carrying capacity is still the same, 100 kilograms. To your surprise, the LED screen is something more important added to this new model. It lets you keep informed about the battery and speed etc.

This best electric tricycle for adults has a 18550 mAh power lithium battery, the same as the previous model. However, it has passed the UN38.3 certification. It can supply 270 watts of power and gets recharged in up to four hours only. With a single recharge, the trike can travel up to 30 kilometers. As we have both, my wife and I go on short trips on these trikes when we are not in the mood to paddle.

The trike has three-speed options, the same as the previous model. The first gear’s speed is up to 3 miles per hour, the second gear’s speed is up to 7 miles per hour, and the third gear’s speed is up to 15 miles per hour. Furthermore, the reverse gear’s speed is up to 3 miles per hour. Switching between the gears is easy through the button.

There is no need to assemble it. Everything comes in place, and you can ride it right after unboxing it. However, remember that it is not for older people above 60 years of age as it needs balancing skills that they may lack. Also, remember to slow down the speed on turns to avoid accidents, as the center of gravity is now higher.


  • It can go in the tight places of market.
  • It fits easily into the car.
  • The battery life is fantastic.


  • It does not offer any workout options.

Best Adult E Trikes Comparison Table

Photo Title Buy
Viribus 24 Viribus 24" 26" 3 Wheel Electric Bike for Adults Amazon - Check Price
DWMEIGI Adult Electric...image DWMEIGI Adult Electric Tricycle 3 Wheel Electric Bike ) Amazon - Check Price
Addmotor Motan Electric...image Addmotor Motan Electric Trike, 3 Wheel Electric Bicycle with 750W Motor Amazon - Check Price
Addmotor Motan 3...image Addmotor Motan 3 Wheel Electric Bicycle, Ebike 750W Amazon - Check Price
TopMate ES32 Electric...image TopMate ES32 Electric Scooter Mini Tricycle for Adult Amazon - Check Price
DWMEIGI 3 Wheel...image DWMEIGI 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle with 750W Motor Amazon - Check Price
Addmotor Motan Electric...image Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle Adults, 750W Amazon - Check Price

Best Electric Tricycles for Adults Buying Guide

Now you have seen many options for electric trikes. But not every option is suitable for you. Therefore, we have written this buying guide so that you can figure out which electric tricycle is best for you. Look for the following features for sure before you buy an electric trike.

Multiple Modes

There are two modes in electric trikes, mostly. You can paddle with no battery usage, or you can ride without paddling with the battery power. If there are no paddles in the trike, it means that the trike only moves on the battery power. In contrast, it is not an electric trike with no battery.

Battery Life and Range

Electric trikes get power from the battery if you don’t paddle. That’s why battery life is essential. The tricycle can go more miles if there is higher battery life and range. Take account of the daily distance that you will have to travel on the trike, then go for a suitable electric trike that offers enough battery range.

Speed and Motor

If the trike has a high-power motor, it will move at a higher speed. Trikes are not much speedy as electric scooters or motorcycles, but speed is still an essential factor to consider. Look for the optimal speed the electric trike can reach and see if it suits you.


When you are on the road, safety is essential. The trike becomes safe if the tires are of high quality and puncture-resistant. Also, the solid structure makes the trike safe to ride. Furthermore, shock absorbers, stable breaks, and good quality suspension add to the safety of the electric tricycle.

Additional Features

It is an excellent option to consider if the trike has an LED screen. On that screen, you can know the precise numbers about the riding speed, remaining battery range, etc. Besides, the trike’s front and rear baskets make it more valuable. These baskets make the trike ideal for shopping, camping, fishing, etc.


It is ideal for an electric trike to have a headlight. If it does not have it, you cannot ride the trike after sunset. Also, on rainy, snowy, or foggy days, a headlight is a must to travel safely. Besides the headlight, the taillights are also important. They make you visible on the road to the traffic coming behind you.

Tire Size

Small tires are hard to move on tough surfaces. In contrast, large and fat tires make it easy to ride the trike off roads, on beaches, on muddy surfaces, etc. Remember your requirement, then consider the tire size before buying the trike.


Some trikes have adjustable height options. The seat and the handle can extend for tall height people. This feature makes it ideal for multiple family members to use a single trike. Also, the adjustability should be easy to do in minutes; otherwise, it is useless.

Weight Capacity

It means how much load the trike can carry and still moves smoothly. Some trikes also have large front and rear baskets to carry stuff. They can hold around 400 pounds of weight. But that feature also comes at a cost. Invest in such options if you need to take the weight with you.


Whenever you need to buy anything, don’t go beyond your budget. Electric tricycles for adults are not something easy to buy. However, there are multiple options available to you in many budget ranges. Look for features you need in an electric tricycle, see if they come under a trike in your budget, then buy a suitable one.


So now you have read why we chose to go for the electric trikes, how we experienced the above-given options, and what you should look for while selecting an electric trike for adults. Some people may still feel confused, so here we are with some recommendations.

If you don’t want to paddle, are low on budget, and still want an electric trike for adults, go for the TopMate ES32 Electric Scooter Mini Tricycle for Adults. However, the TopMate ES31 Foldable Electric Scooter Mini Tricycle is also a good choice as it saves you some more pennies and also if your height is short. It can also be a good item for teens.

Our fully featured choice for an electric trike is undoubtedly the DWMEIGI 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle with 750W Motor. Besides, our top pick and the best choice for females is the DWMEIGI Adult Electric Tricycle 3 Wheel Electric Bike with 24 Inch Wheels It is our best choice because you don’t have to carry heavy stuff with you all the time and it has every necessary feature except it. Also, it saves many pennies as it is not fully featured.


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