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5 Top Tips for Riding Electric Tricycles

5 Top Tips for Riding Electric Tricycles

If you’re one of the growing masses of people jumping on the electric tricycle trend then you’re probably going to find this article useful.  Whether you’ve owned and used electric tricycles for a long time or you’re just getting started, our tips for riding electric tricycles will deliver benefit you.   There is an “e-trike revolution” going on and we’re happy to be a part of it!

The 3-wheel life is rocking on and maybe you have some questions about how best to enjoy the freedom, convenience, and fun of an e-trick while staying safe.  Well, we got your back!  Below you’ll find some simple yet super effective tips to turn you from a trike noob to a trike pro!

Our 5 Best Tips for Riding an E-Trike Like a PRO!

1. Getting on and off a Trike is different than a Bike

You might look at an electric tricycle and not give another thought about actually climbing on and mounting one…  It looks pretty easy, right?  Surprisingly, it could be challenging to climb on and off and e-trike. No worries, though.  You’ll get used to it.

  1. Always grab and hold the brake levers when mounting and dismounting so the trik doesn’t slip and move around on you while you’re getting on and off.
  2. Once mounted, put a foot on the ground to stabilize and control the trike which will allow you to release the brake levers.

Do this simple 1-2 exercise above a few times to get used to getting on and off your e-trike.  Take it from experience, getting on and off a bike as opposed to your trike is largely different.  You’ll find that most trikes will have lower seating and that has it’s challenges that you wouldn’t expect.  Also, it’s greatly more difficult to tilt a bike towards you to assist in mounting. 

The First Rule of Triking:  Always keep three wheels on the ground!

2. Get Used to The Trike Riding Style

Trikes feel vastly different to ride than a bicycle.  With bikes, “leaning” is essential in turning and handling a bike.  However, with a trike that is NOT the way to do it.  In fact, if you lean on a trike then you could end up rolling it and severely injuring yourself.

To get used to the trike riding style, it’s a good idea to practice taking corners without leaning and keeping those wheels firmly planted on the ground.  Concentrate on steering around corners and obstacles.  

Practice.  Practice.  Practice. You’ll want to try to use your body to help turn but the quicker you get accustomed to NOT leaning on a trike, the more enjoyable your rides will become and the safer you’ll be.  

Note:  If you’re used to riding a recumbent bike then you’re learning curve and transition to a trike is going to be even larger.  Again, Practice.

3. Size DOES Matter:  Your Trike is Bigger than Your Bike

E- trikes are the answer for a lot of people.  Those with small areas to travel (around neighborhoods), those who are mobility impaired, and those who just like to take a nice ride on a cool vehicle.  However, they are BIGGER than bikes.  They DO NOT maneuver as easily as bikes.  

There are even going to be paths that you can’t take on your trike that you could have taken on a  bike.  You may have to think ahead, reconnoiter, or do a bit of research when choosing paths for your trike rides.  Thin footpaths?  They may not work.  Roads with holes?  They’re not great for trike rides. 

There’s more to consider with the width of a trike. For instance, when trying to avoid a pothole or obstacle on the road or path, your front wheel may miss it but that doesn’t mean one of your back wheels will do the same.  Practice.

The last thing to consider is that walking a trike is a lot more awkward than walking a bike.  If you don’t stand in the correct spot (far away with a deep lean to push) then those back wheels will aggravate you when they continuously nudge the back of your leg.

4. The Dreaded Turning Circle  

Most people love the fact that a trike is on 3-wheels, more stable, with a wider base. Heck, in many cases, these are the main buying motivators for e-trike owners and riders.  However, all of that extra base and wheel mean that trikes have a much larger turning circle than bikes.

The wheelbase, the larger vehicle, the lack of leaning around corners.  For these reasons it just takes longer for titles to take corners than bikes.  

You know what we’re going to say, right?  Practice. 

Practice doing 180-degree and 360-degree turns.  This will help you get accustomed to turning radius, speed, and handling your e-trike.  If you don’t then you might run into something and find yourself a victim of a TikTok.

5. Bigger Mean More Storage Space!

Front baskets.  Rear baskets.  You’ll have LOTS more room on an electric tricycle than you’re used to.  Take advantage of it!  Use it for shopping, neighborhood visits, carrying tools around the property, lake trips, etc. 


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